Project Summary:

Waste heat is a problem common to high temperature processing industries as a significantly underused resource, often due to challenges in economic heat valorisation. Secondary aluminium recycling and ceramic processing were identified as key examples with economically recoverable waste heat. Several challenges are inherent; these processes are batch-based rather than continuous with corrosive particulate-laden flue gas over a wide temperature range.

Final day of #ASEE19 Conference in Wroclaw, Poland. Amazing last day of the conference following on from our special session. Stay up to date on our upcoming events at

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@AhmadLujean speaks at #ASEE19 and shows how a holistic approach will provide the best exploitation approach for Etekina and @Smartrec_eu. Heat pipes seem to have a bright #future! @EU_H2020 @SPIRE2030


Thats a wrap! SMARTREC Session is completed for this #ASEE19 Conference! Thankyou for attending! if you couldn't attend, you can keep up to date with our SMARTREC Newsletter:
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