In February 2018, ITC-AICE has disseminated Smartrec activities in two key events for the European and international ceramic industry
May 19, 2018
Survey on current industrial waste heat capture process
November 1, 2018

Workshop on: Valorisation of Industrial Waste heat


Smartrec is hosting a one day workshop on ‘Valorisation of Industrial Waste heat’ at the International Conference on    Advances in Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering (ASEE19) in Poland, June 2019. This workshop will introduce the participants to the key features of the Smartrec system: selection of heat transfer fluids (HTFs), the Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (HPHE) and Dual Media Thermocline (DMT). The workshop will also showcase the demonstration of the Smartrec knowledgebase tool that can be used to provide guidance to provide combinations of waste heat recovery (WHR) applications to optimise user’s investment and CO2 abatement.