High temperature corrosion capabilities

Corrosion testing in various gaseous environments (e.g. CH4, HCl, CO2, CO, H2, Ar, N2, H2O) at ambient pressure for durations of >2 months. Small scale testing (4 off 20x20x20mm) samples at up to 1100°C and large scale testing (30 off 70x30x30mm samples) at up to 630°C

High temperature tensile testing, creep testing and heat treatment facilities (including water and oil quenching) also available.

 Molten salt capabilities:

Corrosion testing by immersion or partial immersion of coated or uncoated samples in molten salts at up to 1120°C. Erosion corrosion testing (rotating at 800rpm) of single samples in molten salt at up to 1100°C.

Small scale high temperature corrosion testing cell for up to four 20x20x10mm samples (with optional covering of molten salt or ash) simultaneously.

Cell can operate at up to 1120°C under a variety of gaseous environments at ambient pressure including but not limited to mixtures of argon, air, CO, CO2, CH4, HCl, H2 and H2O.

Large scale high temperature corrosion testing cell, capable of operating at up to 620°C with up to thirty samples simultaneously, each up to 70x40x40mm.

Samples can be tested as-received, fully submerged or partially submerged under molten salts, ash or other liquids. The cell operates at ambient pressure under a variety of gaseous environments.